About Us

Facilitators International

Facilitators International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which exists for the purpose of providing support for accountable Christian ministries in Nepal.

We are a board of advisors comprised of men and women with a wide range of skill and experience in missions, business, church leadership, and academics, and significant involvement in numerous local and global ministries.  We typically meet three to four times per year near Grand Rapids, MI.  Our financial resources are located at institutions in Dorr, MI.

We intentionally focus our support on ministries of leadership, training, developing and equipping  Christian leaders through prayer, education, financial assistance, preaching, counseling, mentoring, guidance, and accountability.

Our vision is to glorify God through a healthy partnership of American and Nepali churches that promotes missions and evangelism that is spiritually motivated, scripturally based, contextually effective and culminates in Christ-centered churches and ministries that transform lives in their communities.

Current Board Members:

Chris Bouwer, President
Jeff Fisher, Vice-President
Carolyn Windemuller, Treasurer
Jillian Greenfield, Administrator
Lee DeYoung
Nathan DeVries
Charlotte Veenstra